The Rob-O-Bot has landed!

The Rob-O-Bot has landed!

Posted: 2012-11-17

Out now! Visit our friends at Color Monkey for more information.

Be aware, Rob-O-Bot is coming!

Be aware, the Rob-O-Bot is coming!

Posted: 2012-08-03

This is a teaser for the upcoming and amazing game: Revenge of the Rob-O-Bot. Coming to an iPhone and iPad near you. Soon.

Designed and developed together with our friends at Color Monkey.

NenaMark2 screenshot

NenaMark2 update!

Posted: 2012-01-21

NenaMark2 version 2.2 works around the Samsung Galaxy S bug and includes a completely new comparison graph where you can see how your device stacks up against common devices without leaving the application.

Nena Pinball

Major Pinball update!

Posted: 2011-12-12

We just release a major update to our line of pinball games, Android versions are already live and iOS versions are awaiting approval from Apple.

New features include:

  • Game engine update (improved physics, more light effects, more hardware support)
  • Configurable graphics engine, providing better graphics on high-end devices (e.g. iPad 2, iPhone 4S, Galaxy S II), higher framerate on low-end devices.
  • In-game ranking updated in real-time when you're close to the top of the hiscore list.

We'll keep $0.99 price during the holidays!
Lite versions of Dino and Xmas available as usual for free.

Xmas Pinball Icon

Xmas Pinball released!

Posted: 2011-11-23

Nena Innovation proudly presents Xmas Pinball, just in time for the holiday season!

Get the full experience for just $0.99 or try out the Lite version for free!

Released simultaneously on iPhone, iPad and Android, available now for your enjoyment!

Press release

Crazy Castle Pinball Icon

Crazy Castle Pinball released!

Posted: 2011-11-01

Nena Innovation proudly presents the sequel to the popular Dino Pinball, Crazy Castle Pinball.

Released simultaneously on iPhone, iPad and Android, available now for your enjoyment!

Press release

Dino Madness Icon

Dino Madness Pinball Lite versions available!

Posted: 2011-08-22

Free of charge, lite versions available to IOS, Android and Mac!

In the lite versions you're given one ball and 30 seconds to score maximum points. Separate online scoreboards included!

NenaMark2 screenshot

NenaMark2 announced!

Posted: 2011-05-22

NenaMark2 continues where NenaMark1 left off and is explicitly designed to challenge the latest generation of GPU:s without running into framerate limits.

Press release

Dino Madness Icon

Dino Madness Pinball Android update!

Posted: 2011-02-24

New features:

  • Global leaderboard (finally also for android!).

  • Improved graphics, adapts to device capabilities.

Dino Madness Icon

Dino Madness Pinball for Mac!

Posted: 2011-02-19

Our pinball game is now also available for Mac, through the new Mac App Store. This version includes much improved graphics to take advantage of the more powerful hardware.

Get it here: Mac App Store

NenaMark1 screenshot

NenaMark scores online!

Posted: 2011-01-14

The latest version of NenaMark1 is now able to publish scores online, available on our nenamark page.

Dino Madness Icon

Dino Madness Pinball 1.1 update!

Posted: 2010-12-20

We just released an update of our pinball game, featuring:

  • Updated graphics and new visual effects.

  • Improved gameplay.

  • Nudge&tilt support.

Additionally, Dino Madness Pinball 1.1 is now also available for Android!

Dino Madness Icon

Dino Madness Pinball!

Posted: 2010-11-22

Nena Innovation AB proudly presents Dino Madness Pinball, a fast-paced pinball game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch!

Available on the Apple App Store

NenaMark1 screenshot

NenaMark update!

Posted: 2010-07-26

While busy working on yet-to-be announced projects, we managed to do a small update of NenaMark1.

NenaMark1 screenshot

Set your GPU on fire with NenaMark!

Posted: 2010-05-19

NenaMark1 is an Android 2.0 benchmark/demo of OpenGL ES 2.0, using programmable shaders for graphical effects such as reflections, dynamic shadows, parametric surfaces, particles and different light models to push the GPU to its limits.

Available here or on Android Market, enjoy!

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